Session Details

I prefer to book sessions on Saturdays but am available during the week as well. I also prefer to take pictures outside during the morning or late afternoon hours when the lighting is best, but would be happy to try taking some indoors as well.

I reserve the right to end a session if a parent is insisting on pictures being taken that are inappropriate or immodest. If you are unsure of the modesty of an outfit you have chosen for your child, please contact me.

Sessions will most likely range from 1 to 3 hours in length. If you wish, you may provide an additional set of clothing for your child to change into during the session.

Approximately 20-30 photographs from each session will be made available for viewing within seven to fourteen days after the session. Photographs will remain online for seven days so each family will have plenty of time to view them and make decisions regarding prints (if you need the pictures to be made available for longer than seven days, please let me know).


These are best when children are three to six weeks old as they are more likely to be sleeping or not as active. Tips for good infant pictures: book a session when the infant has been fed and is well-rested. Bring something for your infant to eat and drink as well as any favorite items.

Please keep in mind your toddler's cheeriest time of day when we are discussing a session time (please also bring a snack and drink your toddler enjoys on the day of our session).


For information on these types of sessions, please see our Specials and Pricing page.  Information will be located at the bottom of that page.

I am exclusively an "on location" photographer which means I will either meet you at your home for your session or meet you at another decided upon location. I do not have a studio at this point in time.

Some of the vintage clothing worn by the children in the pictures is available for your child's use as well if you wish. Just let me know if you want to borrow clothes or hats or if you want advice about clothing for your child's session.